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Resources in a time of Pandemic

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Where is the Brown-RISD Catholic Community?

With our community so widely dispersed, we still want to maintain our connections.  You can share your location on our special BRCC Map!

Some Resources for Prayer & Reflection

Article: Nine Ways to Set Aside Sunday as Special

Use the readings for Mass and celebrate a Liturgy of the Word at home.  

Laudate: fantastic prayer app (also available on App Store)

US Conference of Catholic Bishops' webpage: various resources to stay spiritually active during COVID-19

Thomistic Institute's Quarantine Lectures

Live-streamed Masses

While the BRCC isn't livestreaming our Masses, many parishes and ministries provide this opportunity.  

Some tips for more fruitful virtual participation in Mass:

  • Schedule it: Even if its archived for viewing anytime, make a personal commitment to watch at a certain time.

  • Prepare for it: Look at the readings beforehand.  Gather your prayer intentions.  

  • Dress up for it: The Mass is special, so make yourself presentable.  

  • Focus on it: Avoid the inclination to multi-task.  Silence your phone.  Don't pause it to do other things.  

  • Share in it: Invite those in your household to participate with you.

  • Commune with it: Make an act of spiritual communion when you see the priest receiving communion.

  • Thank God for it: All this would have been so much harder to do 10 or 20 years ago.

  • Remember it: Write down 1 or 2 thoughts or insights in a journal.

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