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A New Hope for Troubling Times

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Happy Holy Week! During these difficult times in which students, graduate students, faculty, and the whole campus community have gone from active engagement in the classroom and research setting to staying home indefinitely, it is easy to let stress, anxiety, and isolation to dominate us. However, we are also called and welcomed together to join in the joy of Jesus’ resurrection.

In the most recent film Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Rey commits to defeating the dark side’s forces controlled by Emperor Palpatine. During her journey she realizes that in the midst of adversity and the great power of the dark side, instead of falling into despair and isolation, she draws on hope and unity. Eventually, with the believe that she can defeat Emperor Palpatine in collaboration with Kylo Ren and various friendly forces they successfully defeat the dark side and restore peace to the galaxy.

Holy Week comes at a great time where we can reflect on the Jesus’ passion and resurrection. Jesus throughout his journey on earth spread love and hope to people. He did this through personal and public interactions with his apostles, the poor, the rich, sinners, etc. His suffering and death on the cross is a reminder that he believed that instilling hope in people’s heart is essential to helping us understand that God’s love is more powerful. After His resurrection, unity becomes an essential attribute in the birth of the Catholic Church, which is affirmed by the coming of the holy spirit.

As we face the dark forces in form of stress, anxiety, and isolation, Rey and Jesus teach us that to conquer them, we need to maintain hope that the forces of good and love will triumph. Even more important, we can’t face these times alone. We need to stay unified with our families, friends, colleagues, and our communities. When we can practice this, we will not only be able to join Jesus in his passion, but also come to understand and experience the beauty of his resurrection and the joy He brings into our hearts.

David Herrera is a Ph.D. student in Political Science and sent us this post from the Bay Area, CA.

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