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Burn Brighter

ignatius calls us to go forth and set the world on fire

we embrace this metaphor because we believe our purpose is inextricably linked to helping others clarify and attain theirs

but how do we set our world on fire in this age of sickness, uncertainty, and fear

how do we serve and lead when we are disconnected from each other and the physical space that unifies our team

who will show us how to press on

lives perish while the flames of leaders around us dance erratically in the blistering winds of change their lights flicker to near extinction their sparks barely visible struggle to light the way

we cannot wait for them to lead

let us turn to our God and to the sacred light of the Holy Spirit that burns in each of us

let our spirits draw closer to each other in spite of the distance between us and march boldly into tomorrow

maybe it helps to imagine this time as a dousing of gasoline tossed onto our already steady burning flames of purpose and love

let this accelerant consume and quicken us for the greater good

shine on my friends may the bright flames of our spirits burning in unison create a bonfire that sparks hope ignites faith Illuminates love and lights the way

in this uncertain age a time when our brothers and sisters yearn for peace and light we are called and stand ready to do magis to do more than we did before

to burn brighter - by Ray Angle, Assistant Vice President, Career and Professional Development, Gonzaga University

I stumbled upon this poem on Xavier University’s website, where I have been streaming mass every Sunday.

At first, I was thrilled by the idea of travelling around the world to “attend mass.” I could “be” with my family in Los Angeles, I could “be” at the Vatican with Pope Francis, I could “be” literally anywhere. Anyone who knows me would agree that I would jump at the opportunity to explore something new. But, like so many things lately, I was surprised – surprised by my desire to just stay put at Xavier’s Bellarmine Chapel, my new Manning since moving to Cincinnati after graduation.

Maybe there is something to be said for harnessing this desire to “be” elsewhere. Shelter-in-place has forced me to sit still and reevaluate what is truly essential to me– what matters, who matters, and when. I love this idea of the accelerant – that this is a period of time for the Holy Spirit to truly consume us, to stoke and strengthen our internal flames, so that we “stand ready/to do magis/to do more/than we did before/to burn brighter” for the greater good. Maya Omori graduated from Brown in 2019 and sent us this post from Cincinnati, Ohio.

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