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Chocolate, spring flowers, Alleluias, and... jail?

In today’s readings, the Apostles are placed in jail, then released in the night by the angel of the Lord. I think it’s important to note that the Apostles were not defended from arrest or kept from the discomfort of jail.

“Why?” I wonder. Jesus has risen from the dead! The grand finale! Redemption is offered for all; earth is forever changed. What more can there be except basking in the glory of Christ’s victory?

Several weeks ago, at the culmination of Lent, quarantine felt much easier, and, somehow appropriate. But now I’m ready for it all to be over. After all, the Resurrection happened, right? I had successfully switched from my Good Friday mindset to my Easter Sunday mindset. Moving forward, it’s only chocolate and spring flowers and Alleluias. Or so I would wish. This post-Resurrection time feels much like being jailed with the Apostles, turning and asking each other, “what now?”

I suppose this season is challenging me to rejoice in the Resurrection, but simultaneously reminding me to remember fully the price at which it came. How do we sit in the jail cell, trusting through the uncertainty? Balance the heartache with the joy? Appreciate one, embrace the other?

It’s ok to miss coffee shops and be sad about a cancelled commencement or a postponed visit to see family. Jesus walked with us, and He still does. He sits with us in our disappointments. He holds us in the night, and He brings joy in the morning.

Lourdes Gomez is a first year PhD student in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology department, and though her home is in California, she sent us this post from Providence, RI.

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