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“Christ indeed from death is risen, our new life obtaining.”

In the midst of a world pandemic where death and crises fill the news, conversations, and my worries, I think to myself “How will the world ever recover? Will I see my friends again? What if the world never escapes this darkness?”

Reflecting on this past Lenten season, I realize that on the surface, I failed at my Lenten promises. But today, on this beautiful Easter morning, I recognize that the Lord gave me unique opportunities to fast: fasting from physical contact with people and fasting from my desires to walk around campus. He gave me new ways to be charitable: teaching me how to forgive my own family members with whom I’ve spent the last four weeks. He gave reasons to pray like I never have before: praying for an end to this suffering, praying for an increase in hope, praying for unshakable confidence and faith; praying for our clergy and leaders. The Lord transforms each of us today on this Easter Sunday; his resurrection grants us the freedom to choose love, life, and ultimately a relationship with God.

I like to picture what Mary Magdalen, Peter, and the other disciples saw on this morning: a tomb of death and darkness beaming with light, hope, and love. Today’s pandemic looks a lot like the tomb of Jesus. At first, we see death and disparity. At one point, we see an enormous rock blocking us from salvation. For most of us, we lose hope. But there will come a day when God redeems us from this worldly suffering. So if Jesus suffered, was tortured and mocked as an innocent man who died for each one of us on a cross, descended into hell to save souls and blasted the gates of heaven open for us to rejoice in his creation, rose from the dead on the third day—then our Lord, Jesus Christ, can do anything.

Now is a time to pray more fervently then I ever have before. Jesus wants to hear his children, and we must be the ones to allow him into our own lives. We must strive for the faith of the apostles and their hope in the resurrection. Our God is a merciful, loving, compassionate God.

Today, I am reconvicted of my faith in God and His plan for the world we live in. God has not abandoned us. He cries when we cry and rejoices in our joys. During this time of uncertainty, isolation, and hardships, I cling onto the one thing I know for certain: “God so loved the world that He gave his only son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16).

Giovanna Milano is a sophomore concentrating in Economics and Italian and sent us this post from McAllen, TX.

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