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Like a lamb

This semester I took a class on C.S. Lewis, my favorite Christian author of all time, and we had a final project at the end of the course which could take any format or genre: we just had to compose something creative that related to C.S. Lewis or his works in some way. My project took the form of five poems written in response to some of my favorite quotes from five of the books we read over the course of the semester. Here is one of my favorites, written in response to a quote from Perelandra, the second book in Lewis' theologically charged sci-fi trilogy.

“Be comforted, small one, in your smallness. He lays no merit on you. Receive and be glad. Have no fear, lest your shoulders be bearing this world.” -Malacandra

Like a lamb

Zipping across a sunny hillside

Emanating joy with its every bold, childlike movement

Constantly elated by the grass beneath its hooves

Despite never finding any tundra to compare it to

Constantly awed by the glory of the sunshine

Despite never knowing darkness

It runs without tiring, explores without aching

Delighting in butterflies dancing in the sunbeams

Singing without worrying about the pitch of its tune

And when a Voice

Calls it home

It rushes with vigor greater still

Bolting toward the shepherd who carried it back to this very pasture

After it had gotten lost in a cloudy wasteland

Bleating for help but wandering in the wrong direction

As tears filled its young eyes

He picks the lamb up now as he picked it up then

And carries it home

Pierced hands gently submerged in warm wool

Dan Tully is a freshman concentrating in Behavioral Decision Sciences and sent us this post from Brooklyn, NY.

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