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Pandemic Reflection

You should look up a picture of the ball python if you’re up for it. It's amazing how bulky it is! Its abdomen makes it seem as though it’s impossible for it to be as stealthy and slithering as your average slender snake with a slim waist. How about survival? How can such an animal survive in the wild? It's pretty huge and conspicuous and does not move as fast as most of its peers. Easy to catch and put in captivity, one would think a ball python wouldn't live for long, but it is actually the contrary. Your average snake lives to about 18 years but the ball python can live up to 35 years! In captivity, they can even make it to 45 years! This is really amazing for a "not-so-stealthy" animal with no legs. 

Long and short, I've taken a deep interest in reptiles during this period of the pandemic. To some degree, I am actually enjoying the time this period has given me. There are so many things I am learning that I never would have taken the time to delve into. For instance, I have made it a point to pray the rosary everyday as I take a walk and to call home for a few minutes per day as well.

Surely the current situation has been nothing anyone expected, and we all hoped it would not last this long. But I believe God finds ways to reach us and make our lives even fuller in situations of adversity. For me, digging in and going deeper has brought me immeasurable meaning and joy. For that grace, I am thankful. As we go around the table on my virtual thanksgiving dinner, I might even go as far as saying I'm thankful for the pandemic in a few ways.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Sorry about the python introduction! Hahaha.

Bruno Felalaga is a Senior studying Electrical Engineering.

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