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Seeking God’s Love in Quarantine

In the spring, our yard is overrun by turkeys. Each day, even in the rare mid-April snow squall, they slowly circle the house, all the while pecking at some miniscule food source in the grass. After weeks of being stuck inside, observing these turkeys has become a lot more interesting. In recent weeks, I have seen turkeys walk, run, sit, hide under trees to escape precipitation, dance, fly, and wage a territorial war between two well organized groups of battle-ready birds.

The turkeys are not afraid to get close to the house, allowing for excellent close-up photography, and they will respond if you call them. Some of us, however, have grown tired of their presence. “They’re an infestation,” my Mom frequently proclaims. “I’m going out there to take back my yard.” But any success in scaring off the turkeys is short-lived. There is something that always brings them back. They must be drawn to our lawn because our grass is particularly rich in nutrition. There must be an immense wealth of turkey food in our grass, so they are willing to come back to the yard even after being chased away. Every day, they show up. Scare them off, and they return.

This pandemic has brought countless challenges for everyone in school, work (or a lack thereof), and isolation from friends and family. It’s difficult to watch classes over Zoom all day. It’s scary having family members get rushed to the hospital multiple times without being able to visit them. It’s difficult to not know exactly how much food is left in your Grandma’s fridge. When these frustrations build, and negativity begins to creep in, I find myself turning to God. A few extra prayers throughout the day, a rosary here and there, and streaming Mass on tv always helps. There’s no doubt it’s more difficult to maintain a full level of dedication to worship and faith while I can’t go to Church or see my friends from the BRCC. But there’s always a way, whether it be more prayer with my family, attending the Cardinal’s retreat on tv, or reaching out to my friends in the BRCC. Jesus’ teachings endure because of their miraculous nature, and because they are truly necessary for us to live our best lives. I think we should learn a lesson from those turkeys, and just keep coming back. We must offer more prayers, check in on others, and always keep our faith on the top of our minds. Hardship, fear, and difficulty are temporary, but God’s love is unending. Follow his love like the turkeys seek our grass, and this too shall pass before we know it. God bless you.

David Kennan is a sophomore concentrating in Business Economics and sent us this post in Sherborn, MA.

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