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Stronger Together than Apart

Humans are naturally social creatures. As a result, there’s no denying that the last few weeks have been hard for all of us, both physically and mentally.

Many of us have lost things (and people) we hold dear to us. Thousands of people have lost their family members, from husbands and wives to brothers and sisters. Others experienced material losses, such as college seniors who have lost their last semester of college. As a current college senior, I can’t begin to explain the sadness I felt upon hearing Brown would close its doors and postpone graduation. Others have lost jobs, homes, and a general sense of security. As confirmed cases of COVID-19 grow each day, so does the despite and anxiety.

In a world where despair has become prominent, it’s hard to believe there is any hope left. Despite the our loses, I believe our catholic community has gained so much. Although the catholic community is not allowed to congregate together, the community as strong as it will ever be.

In these trying times, many people have joined or returned to the Catholic community. As each day passes, I see more and more people affirm their faith in God through Facebook posts, Instagram stories, tweets and TikToks. I, for one, have spent more time praying these past few months than I had prior to the pandemic. I even started praying the rosary with my mother, something we had not done together for a few years now. Even my brother, who was not the biggest believer in God, has returned to the catholic faith (albeit slowly).

I think this is a beautiful thing. The catholic community is growing, as is our support network. We are drawing on our love and belief in God to help us through these times. I think nothing is more powerful than that. Together and with God, we can overcome these trying times.

Jennifer Dzul is a senior concentrating in Cognitive Neuroscience and sent us this post from Los Angeles, CA.

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