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This world is not our home

Especially now, when we are bombarded by the media with messages of desolation caused by this pandemic, it is so easy for me to simply accept defeat and fall into a spirit of apathy and aimlessness. Atop the sadness of the death that surrounds us, the residual effects of this virus almost hurt more - families separated, unmatched loneliness, and the constant state of fear of the world just to name a few. Our Catholic faith is rooted in the gift of Christ’s joy - a gift flowing from His endless mercy shown on the cross. This pandemic, though unfortunate and untimely, can give us a tangible example of how Christ continually creates good & beautiful things out of death. The cross wasn’t a one time deal. His mercy + love + goodness are evident all around - families spending more time together, a greater sense of gratitude for what we had and what we’ll return to, an increase in trust of the Father who loves us so. Just like Christ at his death - pained deeply by our wounds but filled with joy out of His love for us - this current crisis gives us a taste of both. Maybe our Lord wants us to use this to show us how much we need Him + to show us how deep His love for us really is, but also to remind us that this place, this world is not our home, He is.

Carolanne Van Zandt is a freshman concentrating in Biology, writing from the deeeeep south in Covington, Louisiana!

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