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"We have fallen, but we will rise again." Micah 7:8

This past Sunday my family watched Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral through Youtube Livestream. Cardinal Dolan’s homily stuck with me throughout this past week. He said “All through life we go through dying and rising. We have multiple dying and risings in our life. We have a bit of a period of dying now folks, throughout the world but we know that rising will come.” The period of rising WILL come as bad as things seem right now and I tell myself that all the time. Even though we cannot gather in person, Easter is coming!!!

I am in NYC and things here are a bit insane. Not gonna lie, I am going a bit stir crazy as I am sure most of you are. It also seems impossible to focus on a class essay when I know that 15 minutes away, doctors are running out of face masks and the nearby hospital is putting up a temporary morgue. All of this to say, there are still good things that are coming and we need to have faith in ourselves and in the Lord that the world will become better after this. People will not forget what it felt like to step up for those in need.

I think it is also SUPER IMPORTANT to pay attention to your mental health. I am making it through this by keeping in touch with my friends. As many of you know I am an extrovert and I am not letting this isolation stop me from talking to my friends. Do not hesitate to talk to your friends that you miss even to share a ridiculous video or mini-vent about a struggle you are going through. Feel free to text me anytime or if you wanna silently work together for accountability! Love you all and can’t wait to see you when we can finally return to Brown and gather at our beautiful Catholic Center.

Jasmine Brite is a senior concentrating in Biology and sent us this post from Queens, NY.

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