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Brown-RISD Catholic Community

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

2019-2020 Program



The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is the process by which those seeking to be baptized or to enter the Catholic Church from another Christian community are introduced to the fundamentals of our faith.  This is done both by means of classes as well as participation in the liturgical life of the Catholic Community by attendance at Sunday Mass. Baptized Catholics seeking to complete their initiation (e.g., by receiving the sacrament of confirmation) participate in the RCIA program in the same manner.  This program is also open to anyone seeking to learn more about the Catholic faith, whether or not they ultimately decide to receive the sacraments (or have already received them).

Class Meetings

Classes meet on Sundays 6:30-7:45 PM in Page-Robinson 411, except on holiday/long weekends and during University recesses.  Please be ready to start on time. Your presence is very important. If for some reason, you cannot make a particular session, email Fr. Albert ( and Megan ( as early as possible.  If you miss a session, you will need to review the assigned material on your own.  Please feel free to be in contact with any questions or concerns.

Mass Attendance

There is a traditional adage: Lex orandi, lex credendi (As we pray, so we believe).  Learning about the faith can't be divorced from prayer and worship.  For this reason, you are expected to attend Mass every weekend.  Unless you are out of town, you should be attending Mass in Manning Chapel on Sunday at either 10:30 AM or 8:30 PM.


Please schedule a time to meet with Fr. Albert & Megan near the beginning of each semester.  This is an opportunity for mutual introductions, discussing your reasons for participating in RCIA this year, answering any questions you may have, and helping us to understand your own particular interests. 


We will work primarily with two books: 

  • New American Bible (a translation published by the U. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops)

  • Catechism of the Catholic Church (hereafter: CCC)


The following texts are strongly recommended

  • Edward Sri, Love Unveiled: The Catholic Faith Explained.  This is available online on (login instructions will be provided).  

  • Leah Libresco, Arriving at Amen: Seven Catholic Prayers that Even I Can Offer

While there are no tests, it is strongly recommended to read these books in their  entirety over the course of the year.  


Fr. Albert & Megan are happy to recommend other reading if there are particular questions you have or topics that interest you 

Schedule of Classes & Tentative Syllabus

Fall Semester
  • September 22: Introduction to RCIA

  • September 29: Revelation - Scripture & Tradition (I)

  • October 6: Revelation - Scripture & Tradition (II)

  • October 13: No class - Brown’s Fall Weekend

  • October 20: The Mass (I)

  • October 27: The Mass (II)

  • November 3: Prayer (I)

  • November 10: Prayer (II)

  • November 17: Trinity & the Incarnation of the Son (I)

  • November 24: Trinity & the Incarnation of the Son (II)

  • December 1: No Class - Thanksgiving Recess

  • December 8: The People’s Choice (Special topic chosen by the class)

  • December 15: No Class - Reading Period

Spring Semester
  • January 26: The Sacraments (I)

  • February 2: No Class - Super Bowl

  • February 9: The Sacraments (II)

  • February 9: Ecclesiology - The Church (I)

  • February 16: No Class - Long Weekend

  • February 23:Ecclesiology - The Church (II)

  • March 1: The Moral Life (I)

  • March 8: The Moral Life (II)

  • March 15: 

  • March 22: No Class - Spring Break

  • March 29: No Class - Spring Break

  • April 5:

  • April 11 (Saturday): Day of Prayer in Preparation for the Sacraments (Details TBA)

    • Sacraments of Initiation Conferred at the Easter Vigil (8:30pm)

  • April 12: No Class - Easter Sunday

  • April 19: What just happened?

  • April 26: Evaluations

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