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Mindful that today's young people are the leaders of tomorrow, our vision is to nurture the faith of students and form a generation of intentional disciples.


We worship God in sacred liturgy.

We  gather in fellowship with one another.  We seek to reveal the love of Christ where it is most needed.  


As a student-driven community, we seek to integrate our intellectual, creative, and social lives with the beauty and truth of the Catholic faith.  


The purpose of the Brown-RISD Catholic Community is to offer students opportunities to broaden their appreciation of their Catholic faith and grow in deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. We are a community of faith that strives to know, love, and serve God through divine worship, prayerful study, and charitable action.  We are  a diverse assembly bound together as a fellowship of believers seeking to communicate the love of God to one another and the broader community.  

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O God, We ask you to send your Holy Spirit upon our Brown-RISD Catholic Community. Help us to be people of faith, who see your providence in the events of our lives. Grant us the virtue of hope, that we may have complete confidence in your faithfulness. Make us people of love, that we may love you in all and above all, and serve you in those we meet. Strengthen the faithful, encourage the wavering, lead home the wandering. Let us rejoice in the community of your Church. And keep us always faithful to the example and teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom be praise, glory, and thanksgiving to you forever and ever. Amen.

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