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-1 Corinthians 9:24

The Brown-RISD Catholic Community is working to open a Catholic student center on College Hill.  

"It's great to be part of a team."  

That's how one of our students, a football player, described being a member of the Brown-RISD Catholic Community.  Our student-athletes know the value of hard work, sacrifice, and determination in pursuit of a goal.  

For many of them, faith is a central component of their college experience.  That's why we have activities like Bible studies especially for student-athletes.  

We are working to establish a Catholic Center for the BRCC to provide a space where students can gather, study, and find a quiet space to pray in the midst of their busy lives.  Alums have told us how much this space would have meant when they were at Brown.  This bold campaign will have a lasting impact for current and future students.  It's a team effort.  

As we press forward toward our overall goal of $4 million, we are leading an effort to raise at least $150,000 from former athletes to dedicate the St. Sebastian Meeting Room in the new Catholic Center!

We invite you to read more about this campaign--Build Together--and to consider joining in this effort.  

In Christ,

John Daniel '84

Bill Johnson '85

Tom O'Brien '85

Bob Chiaradio ’84

Richard Carolan '58


St. Sebastian,

Patron of Athletes

Pray for Us!

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