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Brown-RISD Catholic Community
Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is composed of a group of students who work closely with the chaplain & campus minister to set priorities and work towards them for the good of the community.  Members are selected for a one-year term, from January to December.  Terms are renewable.

For the 2024 year, we welcome members of the BRCC to apply for the following positions:

Co-Coordinator (also serving as UFB Liaison)
  • Meets with Fr. Edmund & Christina to plan pastoral council meetings

  • Co-chairs Pastoral Council Meetings

  • Communicates collective expectations & goals to the members of the PC

  • Manages UFB Budgeting Process & Submits Expenses

  • Works to maximize BRCC’s allotment from UFB each year


Co-Coordinator (also serving as chair of Alumni Outreach)
  • Meets with Fr. Edmund & Christina to plan pastoral council meetings

  • Co-chairs Pastoral Council Meetings

  • Communicates collective expectations & goals to the members of the PC

  • Oversees PC/Student outreach to alumni & parent donors


Between them, the two co-coordinators are responsible for satisfying all SAO requirements (e.g., attending mandatory meetings, registering for activities fair, submitting budgets.)


Media & Communications Chair
  • Develops vision & strategy for BRCC’s use of social media and other means of communication (posters, signage, Today@Brown, etc.)

  • Assists with (or identifies another student to assist with) the BRCC's website

  • Edits and sends out The Cenacle every week (or work with another student to do so)

  • Collaborates with: webmaster, Cenacle editor, photographer(s)

Spirituality & Liturgy Chair
  • Plans events & programs to broaden spiritual knowledge & practice in BRCC (e.g., special prayer services)

  • Actively coordinates the efforts of various liturgical ministries and communicates with the heads of each ministry

  • Ensures that training and scheduling of ministries take place early each semester

  • Collaborates with: choir director, server coordinator, EM coordinator, lector coordinator

Fellowship Chair
  • Fosters community and social cohesion in the BRCC

  • Takes the lead in organizing special events (e.g, Orientation events, Christmas Party, Volunteer Banquet)

  • Oversees post-Mass fellowship (recruiting and coordinating hospitality ministry)

  • Organizes occasional "low-stakes" fun events (hiking, apple picking, game nights)

  • Encourages intra-class cohesion as well as broader BRCC cohesion

  • Collaborates with: Class chairs; RISD liaison (if no RISD student sits on the PC) other committee members who volunteer or are recruited


Spanish-Speaking/Latinx Ministry Chair
  • Oversees efforts to foster inclusion of Spanish-speaking students in the BRCC

  • Takes initiative to organize Spanish-speaking community for Mass (goal: on campus 1x/month, but could also include travel to Mass elsewhere at other times) and other prayer/study opportunities

  • Actively reaches out to Latinx students who might not be involved in BRCC.

  • Collaborates with: committee members who volunteer or are recruited


Social Justice & Service Chair
  • Oversees service opportunities in the community (e.g., St. Patrick’s, coordinating training, transportation, carpooling, etc.)

  • Fosters awareness of issues related to Catholic Social Teaching (e.g, resources offered through Catholic Relief Services)

  • Promotes spring or winter break trips, when they are offered

  • Collaborates with: service ministry heads (e.g., tutoring team leader, meal kitchen leader, etc), CRS chapter leaders

Campus Outreach Chair
  • Fosters collaboration with other groups on campus

    • Other Christian groups (Ecumenical initiatives)

    • Non-Christian religious groups (Interfaith initiatives)

    • Non-Religious groups

  • Works to promote the visibility and reputation of the BRCC on campus

  • Coordinates at least one major collaborative event each semester.  E.g., an ecumenical or interfaith event; lecture on a controversial or interesting topic

  • Collaborates with: Ecumenical liaison; Interfaith liaison; committee members who volunteer or are recruited

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