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The final stage of Build Together

Help build the Chapel!

As of March 2021 the Catholic Center is officially open, and students are beginning to use the space for prayer, fellowship, and studying. Yet it still lacks its most important element: a dedicated chapel where students can come to pray at all hours of the day and night. 

We need YOU to help bring Build Together to completion!

Building Our Chapel

Building Our Chapel

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The Vision

Although the Catholic Center is now open for students, it still lacks its most essential element: a chapel. Our goal is to have a permanent Catholic chapel in the Center that is accessible to students at all hours for prayer and reflection. Students who are studying in the Center will be able to easily stop by the chapel for prayer or Mass, and go quickly back to their studies; Bible study groups will be able to start or end their meetings by praying before the Blessed Sacrament; and students in need will have a quiet place to sit with God and take refuge from the demanding pace of campus life.

The Vision

Before he moved, Fr. Albert built the altar that will be placed in the Chapel.



Where will the chapel be?


The plan is to convert the existing two-car garage to a small, beautiful chapel. It will hold about 25 students for daily Mass, and have its own door so that it can be available 24/7 via card access to students without the entire center being open. 

Why does the Catholic Center need a chapel?

A Catholic Center without a chapel is like an arch without a capstone, or a home without a heart. The life of the Catholic community flows from the Eucharist and from prayer - without these, it is primarily a social gathering space. To be a truly Catholic space on College Hill, the Center needs a chapel that houses the Blessed Sacrament and is accessible to students for both formal and informal prayer. 

Will students really use a Catholic chapel?

Yes! Time and again we have heard from students about their need for a Catholic prayer space. In the time that we have had a temporary chapel in the Catholic Center, we have seen students come and go all day, and have even had students pray outside the Center in the middle of the night, knowing that the Blessed Sacrament was inside and longing to be close. 

Why does the Catholic Center need a chapel if we already have Manning?

We are grateful to have been able to use Manning Chapel throughout the BRCC's history, and will continue using that space for Sunday Mass. However, having a dedicated Chapel in the Catholic Center will allow students greater access to prayer, silence, and the Eucharist. We envision daily Mass happening in the Center, so that students studying there can easily take a quick break for Mass in the middle of the day; Bible studies spending time in the Chapel before, during, or after meetings to center themselves; and the Chapel being accessible to students via card access 24/7, so that they can have a quiet space to pray whenever they need one. 

How much more money needs to be raised?

We need an additional $500,000 for this phase of the campaign, which includes finishing the garage, installing an HVAC system, and replacing the garage door with sliding glass doors.  

When will the chapel be finished?

This depends, in part, on YOU! Our goal is to have the chapel finished and ready for student use by the Fall 2021 semester. 

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